This blog is called “Crowdstorming”, as in crowdsourced brainstorming. What interests me is the ideas that result from the sharing of information and large-scale collaboration on it. Of course, we probably won’t get as blunt an interpretation of ‘crowdsourced brainstorming’ as the Human Brain Cloud. Essentially, it is a collective brain cloud — one of those webbed mind maps that are so effective in brainstorming.

At Human Brain Cloud, users are given a word and asked to submit the first word they think of. Their submission in turn will end up popping up for somebody else, and the ‘game’ (as the author refers to it) keeps branching out. Users can flag words as ‘junk’, ‘not a word’ as as a ‘misspelling’. Scoreboards/charts keep users interested and provide a bit of motivation.

audience_web.jpgBeyond the actually encoding of the data, the processed data is quite slick. The site creates a really cool (and potentially usefully) searchable web. Hmm… that adjective needs more emphasis on : it’s really cool.

The program does suffer in the area of junk. Some users use it for building a web of connected English word, while some of it use it more akin to the lightning round of Family Feud, simply yelling out the most immediate thought. As such, there is a mix of phrases and words, meaning a term such as Peanut Butter will have the redundant branches ‘jelly’ and ‘and jelly‘. Luckily, each word has a legitimacy scale, so when it is flagged it loses points, the trouble words eventually getting weeding out by the community.